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Complimentary On-Site Review of your Home

Contact us and request a complimentary on-site security review. One of our surveillance consultants will meet you at your home to review your current and future security concerns.

We will conduct a survey of your house to identify your most vulnerable areas and the detection equipment available to give you the protection you need.

We will also help you identify any other areas that will benefit from the use of surveillance technologies. We want you to get the maximum use out of your surveillance system.

Custom System Design

We can design a surveillance system for whatever size home you have. We carefully consider these key factors when designing your system:

  • Size of your physical layout
  • Your security priorities
  • Entry points most vulnerable to security threats
  • Fire safety and environmental monitoring needs
  • Your individual concerns
  • Your security budget
  • Selection of the correct cameras for the specific locations you want to monitor
  • Identify other parts of your business where surveillance technologies can help you

Once we finish our assessment we will provide you with an estimate. From there we will work with you and make any necessary changes needed. We want you to be completely satisfied and feel good about the system you are purchasing.

Professional Installation

The installation of your new surveillance system can take anywhere from a couple of hours to several days, depending on the size of your home, the type of systems we are installing, and the number of components that are needed.

The installation will be fairly straightforward as the planning will have already been completed by your security consultant. The installation team will simply follow the instructions that you have already worked out.

Once the installation is completed, the technicians will completely test your newly installed system and provide training for whomever needs it. You will also be provided with a completed site plan outlining the entire installations, and all system settings.

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